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Core Funds

The PCA Core Funds have been the cornerstone of the PCA Retirement Plan since 1982. These funds have been carefully selected to provide participants with the opportunity to create a portfolio that will meet their specific investment needs. PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc. regularly reviews the investment options offered within the PCA Core Fund menu for their suitability in the retirement plan. This rigorous review process has produced ten Core Funds that have sound and disciplined investment philosophies along with expense ratios that are less than the industry average. Participants who have the appropriate investment knowledge or the assistance of an investment professional may want to consider this option. Use this link to view a copy of the retirement plan brochure, which includes the enrollment form (on page 26). Use the links in the chart below to view each Core Fund Fact sheet PDF.

To learn more about the PCA Core Funds, please refer to a fund fact sheet or a prospectus.

Core Returns updated quarterly

 Core Funds (Performance as of 6/30/2018)*

Core Fund 1st Quarter 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year
PCA Large Cap Growth (M) 5.08% 19.77% 11.96% 14.06% 8.78%
PCA Large Cap Value (inception 12/28/09) (M) 0.67% 7.65% 7.40% 10.32% N/A
S&P 500 Stock Index 3.31% 13.81% 11.35% 12.85% 9.54%
PCA Mid Cap Growth (M) 3.06% 17.36% 10.21% 12.28% 10.26%
PCA Mid Cap Value (M) 2.21% 10.95% 8.67% 10.67% 9.65%
PCA Small Cap (inception 12/15/11) (M) 5.25% 15.04% 10.71% 10.17% N/A
International Stock -4.21% 1.31% 4.31% 4.31% 1.76%
PCA Diversified Bond (M) -0.33% -0.82% 1.36% 2.00% 3.38%
Conservative Bond 0.58% 0.98% 1.22% 1.16% 1.56%
Stable Value Fund (inception 05/01/17) 0.38% 1.39% N/A N/A N/A

*Please note all returns are unaudited | (M) Separately Managed, Morally Screened Custom Funds