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To prepare and protect PCA co-laborers in Christ by providing products and guidance in retirement, insurance, relief, and related services. We aim, through trusted relationships with our partners, to enable and encourage them to be more focused on ministry.

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Providing a convenient and effective way to plant a seed for your future.

RetirementIconWe are all called upon to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to our care. When it comes to financial resources, being a good steward means saving for the future and investing wisely. — see more


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Managing risk for you and your dependents through quality, common-sense insurance products.

InsuranceIconOne of the ways we can be good stewards of our resources is to manage financial risk through insurance. After all, a setback can happen at any stage in life, not just when you are older. — see more

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Ministerial Relief

Demonstrates the love and provision of our Lord to those who served Him faithfully.

ReliefIconThe RBI logo is a heart within an open hand. Part of that heart includes the ministries of encouragement and confidential financial assistance provided by PCA Ministerial Relief to those who have served the church faithfully. — see more

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