Virtual Seminars

Webinars are 90 minutes in length, provide a time for questions and answers, and are hosted over Zoom. We encourage both spouses to attend these insightful webinars. For additional information, contact us at

Planning Your Roadmap to Retirement
Date: December 14, 2021
at 2:00 pm Est.

About Planning your Roadmap to Retirement Seminar

PCA ministry workers are increasingly concerned about their financial future and stressed due to a number of factors. Rising healthcare costs, market volatility, retirement savings practices, and debt are just a few of the elements contributing to their concern.  The Roadmap to Retirement webinar discusses actions you should consider to get the most out of your retirement.  We will provide an overview of the PCA Retirement Plan and discuss how certain savings strategies, along with Social Security, can help to improve your financial outlook.

Structuring Your Call Package
Date: TBD

About Structuring your Call Package Seminar

A ministerial call package describes the compensation arrangement that exists between the minister and his church.  This seminar will provide “best practice” guidance on building or rebuilding a call package.  We will address issues of interest to ministers who are just starting out as well as ministers who have been serving faithfully for many years.  It’s often difficult and awkward for ministers to talk with their leadership about compensation and so we will discuss strategies for having productive conversations related to their call packages.

Exploring How Your RBI Retirement Plan is Constructed
Date: TBD

About Exploring how your RBI Retirement Plan is Constructed

An in depth discussion of the architecture and construction of the PCA Retirement Plan. This seminar is designed for individuals with a keen interest in investment strategies. We will walk through the details of our Core Funds, Target Funds, and Self Directed Brokerage Account window.

About PCA Retirement & Benefits

We guide PCA pastors and ministry workers through the complexities of financial planning and employee benefits, so they and their families are able to live generously in every season of ministry.


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