State Mandated Short Term Leave Solutions (NY, NJ, & HI)

PCA Retirement & Benefits (RBI) recommends J. Smith Lanier & Unum for your ministry’s State Mandated Short Term Leave Insurance needs.

Several states have created mandatory leave policies for employees.  These laws have similarities, but the specific requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  In certain locations, clergy may be exempt from coverage, while other employees within churches, schools and related ministries are not.  Therefore, some coverage may be needed in order to comply with state mandated requirements.

At this time, there is not sufficient scale to provide a new RBI sponsored product.   However, we have worked with one of our business partners to identify a solution for PCA churches and businesses.  J. Smith Lanier, the PCA Retirement & Benefits insurance consultant, provides State Mandated Short Term Leave policies for New York, New Jersey and Hawaii through the Unum Group, a Fortune 500 employee benefits company.

If your ministry is interested in addressing your state mandate, please contact J. Smith Lanier and inquire about their State Mandated Short Term Leave solutions.

Contact information and a brief description of their policies can be found within the Summary of State Mandated Short Term Leave Benefits

Additional information can be found within the link to our State Mandated Short Term Leave FAQs.

You can also view a state-specific short term leave overview by clicking on the links below:

* These products are not designed, sold or invoiced by PCA Retirement & Benefits

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