Retirement Readiness Planning

provides personalized assistance and is aimed at helping eligible PCA employees understand the amount of money they should save for retirement and how much income they will need in retirement. Some individuals will require more comprehensive services than others; it all depends on each individual’s unique financial situation.

This process typically begins with a phone call or an email to gather information about the employee though a short questionnaire. A consultation is then scheduled with one of PCA Retirement & Benefits’ Financial Planning Advisors. The proposed plan may cover one or more of the following steps.

  1. Setting a goal for retirement savings and income.
  2. Calculating how much one should save to meet their retirement goals.
  3. Devising a withdrawal strategy while continuing to invest for retirement needs.

Financial Wellness Planning

is a customized process that provides education and guidance on a variety of financial planning topics (e.g. budgeting, debt management, risk management, retirement readiness, Social Security, and more). The process begins when a participant expresses interest in a limited-scope of financial planning. Our advisors will set expectations for the service we provide and will also gather information about the participant’s finances and financial goals. Ideally, a financial wellness plan will help our PCA workers to adequately prepare, plan, protect, and preserve income throughout their life and the life of their spouse.


Call Package Consulting

is primarily offered to those entering or already serving in pastoral ministry. A call package is essentially a pastor’s compensation package. A survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers at the request of PCA Retirement & Benefits revealed that a significant number of ordained pastors in the PCA desired assistance in understanding and structuring their call package.


PCA Retirement & Benefits initially addressed call package construction issues solely through the publication of the PCA Call Package Guidelines. Now, in addition to producing an updated version of the Call Package Guidelines each year, our advisors work personally with pastors, church leaders (e.g. Personnel Committees, Sessions, Diaconates, Boards), and Presbyteries to design and evaluate call packages.

Financial Education Seminars

provide education on a range of financial planning topics, including debt issues, estate planning, and wealth protection. We are focused on providing financial education to staff of participating organizations through both broad and age-specific presentations. We believe this education will help employees make informed financial decisions and will encourage them to partner with us to create a financial wellness plan specific to their unique situation.


These seminars are delivered in a group setting. However, we also afford attendees the opportunity to schedule one-on-one appointments with advisors after the seminars. Individual appointments allow us to follow up on areas of interest and address specific areas of need. Depending on interest, these meetings may develop into a comprehensive financial wellness plan.


It is important to note we have multiple seminars, which cover a variety of important financial topics. Contact us to find out a current listing of our seminars.

About PCA Retirement & Benefits

We guide PCA pastors and ministry workers through the complexities of financial planning and employee benefits, so they and their families are able to live generously in every season of ministry.


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