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Meet Jon Medlock, new Director of Ministerial Relief

Dear Friends, I am writing to introduce myself, and to let you know of some changes at RBI Ministerial Relief. As you know, Bob Clarke retired from his position as Director of Ministerial Relief in March. Bob served faithfully in that role for 10 years, and I know...

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Transitioning of the PCA Target Retirement Fund 2010

Effective January 1, 2020, the PCA Target Retirement Fund 2010 will be closed to all new investors and the assets will transition into the PCA Harvester Fund.  This transition is part of the intended design for all PCA Target Retirement Funds and moves assets into the...

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The Gift of Long Term Disability Insurance

On Memorial Day of 2015, Pastor Mike Francis suffered a heart attack that put him on life support and took away his memory—crippling his ability to pastor. He did not have long-term disability insurance.

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5 Things to Know About the Court’s Ruling

The U.S. Seventh Circuit Court recently ruled in favor of the clergy housing allowance, defending the constitutionality of it as a permissible tax benefit. We praise God for this ruling and want to make you aware of its significance moving forward.

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Financial Advice from a Retired Pastor

Retirement does not necessarily mean the cessation of ministry activity. Rather, it simply means no longer relying on ministry to generate revenue needed to support your lifestyle. Everyone’s path to retirement will certainly look different. However, there are people...

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Setting Your Financial Goals

A new year means new possibilities. You likely have set some goals for yourself about your spiritual life, your health, or your finances. Of course, setting goals is one thing. Changing your habits often proves more challenging. Listed below are three financial goals...

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RBI President Announces Transition Plans

Gary Campbell, president of the PCA's Retirement & Benefits, Inc. (RBI), has informed RBI’s board of directors of his desire to initiate a leadership transition and search for the agency’s next president.Campbell, who has served in the president’s role...

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Finding Holy in the Suburbs, an Interview with Ashley Hales

Ashley Hales breathes life into a place often decried as lukewarm, vilified as selfish, or entirely ignored: the American suburbs. In her first book, Finding Holy in the Suburbs, Ashley provides much-needed teaching on learning to embody the gospel in all of our given places, even the suburbs.

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PCA 403(b) Retirement Plan Limitations for 2019

The IRS updates retirement plan contribution limits for defined contribution plans such as the PCA Retirement Plan each year. As announced November 1, 2018, the limits for 2019 are as follows: Elective Deferral Limit (salary reduction contribution): $19,000 ($500...

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Loving Wife and Church Sacrificially

The day I was married I assumed the role of a husband. Years later, when I was installed in my first church I assumed the role of a pastor. What I didn’t realize until later was the tension that dual role can create. The word pastor is the Latin word for shepherd....

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The Future of the Clergy Housing Allowance

An important case is currently making its way through the federal courts which will impact ministers, and to a lesser extent churches, nationwide. On Oct. 6, 2017, the federal district court declared the clergy housing allowance unconstitutional in the...

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2017 President’s Report

As each year passes, the richness of God’s blessings on PCA Retirement & Benefits fills my heart with thanksgiving. There is no question we have experienced the growth pains of very challenging periods in our history, but by and large, we have...

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Implementing Enhanced Measures for your Security

Earlier this year in response to increased reports of hacking and fraud attempts and due to a noticeable increase of falsified information being submitted to our offices, we implemented additional security measures including verification and confirmation...

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Should We Trust God, or Buy Insurance?

Consider a mother in her late fifties. She is healthy, works a well-paying job, and has life insurance. She is in her twenty-third year of marriage and has three kids in college at the same time. She is a woman of God, her faith motivates her warmth and kindness. Her...

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RBI On the Road

PCA Retirement and Benefits will be hitting the road to visit churches and teach financial planning seminars this fall. We meet with and conduct workshops for church staffs, presbyteries, Christian school teachers, and others. Our goal is education and...

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Church Budgets and Compensation Packages

As churches begin creating budgets for the coming year and review their pastoral call packages, PCA Retirement and Benefits (RBI) may be able to lend assistance. We know the importance of annually reviewing call packages, and we even created guidelines for...

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