Your Gifts in Action

When you give to the Ministerial Relief Fund you are making a difference in the lives of our PCA Widows and disabled Teaching Elders. Here are some you will be helping.


  • A 62 year old widow who is a stroke victim and suffers from lupus but still has to work part time.
  • A 74 year old widow who is a breast cancer survivor. Her medical needs exhausted her husband’s life insurance and she has very limited Social Security income.
  • An 101 year old widow who has very low Social Security income, macular degeneration, and has exhausted her retirement savings due to age.
  • An 88 year old widow who has difficulty walking, kidney disease and lives in a skilled nursing facility.
  • A 71 year old Teaching Elder who was in a car accident and has been disabled since 1993. He needs 20 medications daily.
  • An 86 year old Teaching Elder whose mobile home was destroyed in the flooding from hurricane Irene with no flood insurance. His wife had a stroke and he has heart issues.




“You have helped to make our year much easier through your financial assistance. We are in our seventies and have at least our share of illnesses. I have 20 prescriptions a month. As you can imagine, the costs are fairly high. Our bills are now much more manageable. Your assistance has certainly made a difference in our lives!”



“When the Lord promised to never leave or forsake me, how could I have known you would be His instruments to fulfill that promise? I am so deeply grateful for your generosity. For so many years, I moved from place to place without a home of my own. I now live in a safe, quiet apartment—my first home in a decade! May our loving, caring Father bless each of you with overflowing grace.”


As you can see, their physical needs are great. Your gifts allow us to spread the love of Jesus by serving them with compassion, encouragement and empathy.

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