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relief logoMany of our PCA Teaching Elders and their wives served in small churches where either their salary was not sufficient to save for retirement or the church could not afford to pay into a retirement account for them. In either case, they and/or their widows now find themselves unable to pay for basic living and medical expenses on a monthly basis. We also assist disabled pastors by providing income until such a time they are able to return to work. Because of donations from our PCA churches, Women in Ministry groups, and individuals we can say yes when they call us.
health assist logoMinisterial Relief recognizes there are times in the lives of PCA Teaching Elders when transitioning between calls presents unique financial circumstances. It is during these times the Ministerial Relief Fund can help by offering three months of paid health insurance premiums. Applicant must provide current month’s bill with submission of application and subsequent bills as they become available from the health care provider.

survivor assist logoEvery year some of our PCA Teaching Elder families suffer as they grieve the loss of a spouse.

The grieving process is the most intense, emotional experience we can endure. Grief is painful and at times seems unbearable. It’s a combination of many emotions that come and go, sometimes without warning. Because grief can be a confusing and overwhelming experience, it is hard for many people to ask for help. That’s why we are taking the initiative in reaching out as Christ’s agents in the healing process. PCA Ministerial Relief is offering to active, disabled, or retired PCA Teaching Elders and their wives who have experienced the loss of a spouse, bringing immediate transitional assistance to grieving survivors.

Upon notification of the death of a Teaching Elder or his wife, Survivor’s Assistance will immediately send a check for $1000 to the surviving spouse and any in home dependents regardless of their income to help alleviate immediate financial pressure that may accompany the death of a spouse.

Know of a PCA Teaching Elder who has recently passed away?

Please fill out and submit the information through the below form.

Teaching Elder/Spouse Death Notification Form

If you have any questions regarding any of these ministries, please contact the following RBI Ministerial Relief Staff Members:

Ms. Vickie Poole: 800.789.8765 x 1280   678.825.1280

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