In Their Own Words

“Oh, if the Holy Spirit would speak for me regarding my grateful heart…I am so very appreciative to the givers and those who work in this ministry providing such gifts. The Lord bless you richly in this endeavor.”

“I could not allow this opportunity to pass without sharing my very grateful thanks for all our churches during this time of the year. I am truly grateful and thank God every day for being able to stay here. I will keep this all covered in prayer that God will be merciful another year to us all. Thank you for your help.”

“If you or anyone you know has ever experienced what it is like to be homeless, you will understand my deep gratitude for the support I have received this past year. We had lived in manses for well over a decade when I was left sitting alone with a deadline of three months to vacate the premises. For the next several years I lived with family and friends until it came time for me to be able to have a place of my own. Those ten years were overwhelming because I had to move ten times during that decade. I cried out to the Lord and He answered me! It was truly miraculous how He directed me to Ministerial Relief. Because of your loving generosity I now have a safe, quiet, and comfortable place I call my own. May our gracious Lord bless each of you for your concern for the needs of those of us who had the privilege of serving you in His Name.”

“I do want to thank all the dear brothers and sisters of the PCA churches from the bottom of my heart for their continual support, help and love. It means so much to me. God has been very close this year as I seek to obey Him in the little things of life.”

“I want to say a very big Thank You for the money from the Ministerial Relief Fund! I wept when I opened your letter with that first check. My heavenly Father has been so good to me throughout this past year, and I am just overwhelmed by His kindness to me through you. It was your assistance that allowed me to “taste and see” the Lord’s goodness in new and powerful ways.”

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