Our 2020 Annual Report is Now Available  

We’re excited to announce our 2020 Annual Report.

Although 2020 presented numerous challenges, by God’s grace, we were able to quickly pivot to serve the church more holistically than ever before. A number of key accomplishments include:

  • Growing the PCA Retirement Plan assets under management by 14% to $779,866,416
  • Increasing the number of participants served to nearly 8,000 individuals (+3%)
  • Launching a research initiative to assess the wellbeing of PCA teaching elders
  • Developing a three-year strategic plan to serve PCA pastors and ministry workers
  • Transitioning the counseling services made available through ServantCare from Ministerial Relief to an affordable benefit made available to all churches and their employees
  • Distributing $731,957 in direct assistance (including special COVID-19 related assistance) to PCA pastors, widows, and ministry workers in need through the Ministerial Relief Fund
  • Raising $978,159 in donations to the Ministerial Relief Fund

We give thanks to God for his grace in all that was accomplished. We pray this report will serve as an encouragement for you to continue to lock arms with us to see ministry workers flourish in every season of ministry.

About PCA Retirement & Benefits

We guide PCA pastors and ministry workers through the complexities of financial planning and employee benefits, so they and their families are able to live generously in every season of ministry.


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