Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

While most Americans insure their lives and material assets, like their homes, cars, etc., many overlook the need to protect one their most valuable assets – their ability to work. Fewer than 20% of all working people own a personal disability policy that insures their income against the threat of an unexpected accident or illness. Yet, insurance claim studies indicate that the odds of becoming disabled are much greater than dying during one’s work years. RBI now offers three disability plans that combine short-term and long-term benefits (as listed below). These plans offer multiple features, multiple pricing and provides each church the flexibility to create employee classes in order to offer disability plan variety at the local level. The plans may be offered to or provided for all full time (30 hours per week or more) ministers, missionaries and lay employees of a PCA ministry.

Option 1. Enhanced Short and Long Term Disability Plans


Option 2. Basic Short and Long Term Disability Plans


To provide benefits, the employer (church, school, organization, etc.) must complete an Insurance Adoption Agreement for the organization and an Enrollment Form for each employee covered by the benefit. Each employee will then receive a link to the RBI benefits enrollment portal (SmartBen) to complete the plan enrollment.


Minimum Participation

In order to be eligible for group coverage, the employer must also have a minimum number of employees who will be covered.  This helps ensure an adequate spread of risk across the insured group.  The minimum number of lives required for a “group” varies by product options.  Contact RBI at or 1-800-789-8765 for more details. Other provisions apply. The policy certificate supersedes any information published on this website. Select the Insurance Brochure for a more robust summary, rate sheet for current pricing or review the policy certificate for details (certificates are available through the SmartBen web portal or by contacting RBI).

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