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PCA Retirement & Benefits (RBI) recommends Brotherhood Mutual for your ministry property and liability insurance coverage needs.

RBI recommends Brotherhood Mutual as a trusted partner for your property and casualty insurance. To learn more ways Brotherhood Mutual can serve you and your church, read our 2021 recommendation letter.

Brotherhood Mutual Shares Your Passion for Ministry

Because Brotherhood Mutual has been insuring churches for more than 90 years, they understand the unique needs of ministry. Every year they work with thousands of Christian camps, colleges, schools, and churches. Their insurance can be tailored to fit any ministry, large or small. You won’t find such coverage—or care—anywhere else. Brotherhood Mutual shares your passion for ministry.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should buy your ministry’s insurance from Brotherhood Mutual.

1. Superior Products

Your ministry deserves better than one-size-fits-all insurance coverage. With Brotherhood Mutual, you’ll get a product designed specifically for churches and related ministries.

2. Outstanding Claim Service

More than 98% of our customers say Brotherhood Mutual handled their insurance claims fairly, promptly, and courteously.

3. Financial Strength

Brotherhood Mutual consistently outperforms the insurance industry. National Underwriter magazine calls Brotherhood Mutual one of the 50 “champions” among property-casualty insurers. A.M. Best Company, the leading insurance authority, consistently awards Brotherhood Mutual an A (excellent) rating.

4. Ministry-Affiliated Agents

The independent agents of Brotherhood Mutual are involved in local ministry. Their professionalism, care, and experience set them apart from other insurance salespeople.

5. Commitment

Brotherhood Mutual is committed to the church and related ministry market. It’s the only market Brotherhood Mutual serves.

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