Will Preparation Services

Provided by Hyatt Legal Services, underwriter
for PCA group life insurance plans

If you are enrolled in a PCA Group Life product, you may be eligible for will preparation services provided by Hyatt Legal Services, a MetLife company.  MetLife is the underwriter for PCA group life insurance plans. As a service to their policyholders, MetLife offers certain “covered legal services” under their Hyatt Legal Plans group. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in PCA Standard Life or PCA Enhanced Life. If you are enrolled only in PCA Basic Life or PCA Voluntary AD&D, you are not eligible.

Terms and Definitions

Covered Legal Services means a service covering the preparation of wills and codicils for Eligible Employees and lawful spouses. The creation of any testamentary trust is covered. The service does not include tax planning.

Eligible Employee means each employee who is insured under the Policyholder’s plan of group supplemental life insurance {PCA Standard or PCA Enhanced} with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife).

Legal Services Plan or Plan means the group policy to provide insurance for Covered Legal Services.

Plan Attorney means an attorney who has contracted with MetLife to provide Covered Legal Services.

How the Group Legal Services Plan Works

To use the Group Legal Services Plan, you can call Hyatt. You should be prepared to identify yourself as a participant in the Group Legal Services Plan. If you call Hyatt, the Client Service Representative who answers the call will:

  • make an initial determination of whether and to what extent the matter is covered;
  • give a case number (a new case number will be needed for each new matter);
  • give the telephone number(s) and location of the Plan Attorney(s) most convenient to you; and
  • answer questions about the Plan.

You can decide to use a Plan Attorney or a non-Plan Attorney.

If you decide to use a Plan Attorney, the Plan Attorney will provide you with the Covered Legal Services described above.  If you decide to use a non-Plan Attorney, you must notify Hyatt. Hyatt will send you a claim form and informational material including a Non-Plan Attorney Fee Schedule. After the matter is finished, the claim form must be completed and returned to Hyatt with the attorney’s final bill. Within 60 days of Hyatt’s receipt of the completed claim form and final bill, Hyatt will pay you up to the amount stated in the Non-Plan Attorney Fee Schedule. You will be responsible for making payment to the non-Plan Attorney for any expenses or fees incurred in excess of the amount paid by Hyatt.

To verify whether you are enrolled in PCA Standard Life or PCA Enhanced Life, you may contact your local administrator, log into your SmartBen account or call the RBI office at 1-800-789-8765. If you are eligible, we will send you the appropriate information.

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