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Maintaining the health of your teeth and gums gives you much more than an attractive smile. Research shows that oral health, preventive care, and regular visits to the dentist are important to your overall health. In fact, gum disease has been linked to heart problems and can increase blood sugar, which in turn can increase risk among diabetics.

Group dental insurance offered through RBI enables you to take better care of your teeth. Our Dental Insurance provider, Ameritas Group, has a network of more than 120,000 dental professionals nationwide.

Who May Participate

You and your family are eligible to participate in the PCA Dental Plans if you are a full-time (minimum of 30 hours per week) PCA minister, non-MTW missionary, administrative or lay employee of a PCA church or related organization. Coverage is available to all eligible employees who reside in the U.S. Eligibility begins on the first day of the month following your date of hire for most employees.


Dental Plans

PCA Basic and Enhanced Dental Plans
The Basic Dental Plan pays a benefit toward essential care such as an annual exam and cleaning, fillings, X-rays, simple extractions, and fluoride and sealants for children under the age of 14.  The Enhanced Dental Plan augments existing coverages and provides additional coverage.
PCA Voluntary Dental Plan
The Voluntary Dental Plan pays a benefit toward essential care such as an annual exam and cleaning, fillings, X-rays, simple extractions, and fluoride and sealants for children under the age of  14.  The Voluntary dental option also provides select enhanced services.

See the PCA Insurance Plan Brochure for more information.

All of the Dental Insurance Plans require the participant to pay a percentage of the dental bill from in-network or out-of-network dentists. The options differ in coverage levels and features. Here are some important facts about the Dental Insurance options.

Incentive Coinsurance
Both the Enhanced and Voluntary plan options have a feature called Incentive Coinsurance, which means that your benefits for Basic (Type II) services get richer every year. Here’s how it works:


  • The plan typically pays 80% of the cost of Type II services.
  • If you visit the dentist and have at least one covered procedure performed in the first year, your coinsurance increases to 90% for the following year.
  • If you have a covered procedure performed in the second year, your coinsurance increases to 100% for the next and each subsequent year (as long as you have at least one dental procedure performed each year).
  • Your coinsurance reverts back to 80% after any year in which you do not have at least one dental procedure performed. At that point, you can begin again to advance through the levels.

Dental Rewards

Ameritas RewardsSM

Ameritas Rewards is an enhanced product that offers an increased maximum for hearing, LASIK, orthodontia and vision as well as dental. It allows members to utilize unused dental maximum carryover amounts from previous years towards dental benefits or other lines of coverage included in a plan. Employees and their covered dependents may accumulate dental rewards with an unlimited maximum carryover amount. These rewards can be used to increase the maximum for the other lines of coverage which can then be used for certain covered services or materials subject to applicable deductible, coinsurance and plan provisions. If a plan member doesn’t submit a dental claim during a benefit year, all accumulated rewards are lost. A member is eligible to earn rewards again the next year.

  • Benefit Threshold: $500 Dental benefits received for the year cannot exceed this amount
  • Annual Carryover Amount: $250 Ameritas Rewards amount is added to the following year’s maximum
  • Annual PPO Bonus: $100 Additional bonus is earned if the member sees a network provider
  • Maximum Carryover: Unlimited Maximum possible accumulation for Rewards and PPO Bonus combined
LASIK Advantage®
LASIK Advantage® provides coverage for LASIK and related procedures, including standard LASIK, Custom LASIK, LASIK with Wavefront Technology, CustomVue LASIK, LASIK with IntraLase technology and Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK). Members earn a lifetime benefit per eye over time. The benefit amount increases over time, with the highest coverage provided at year three or four. Members earn benefits for each eye and may not combine benefits earned for each eye to pay for a covered procedure for a single eye. If a member enrolls after the initial enrollment period, they must wait 12 months from enrollment to be eligible for coverage; after 12 months the member will begin coverage at the year-one benefit. The LASIK Advantage® benefit is available to members age 18 and older. There is no network tied to this coverage.
Lifetime Benefit Earned per Eye
  • Year One: $350
  • Year Two:$350
  • Year Three: $700
Ameritas RewardsSM Lifetime Benefit
  • Year One: $100
  • Year Two:$100
  • Year Three: $100 
SoundCareSM Hearing Health Benefits

Life’s getting louder. Thanks to the cranked-up volume of modern life, hearing loss has become one of the most common chronic health problems in the U.S. It afflicts more than 30 million of us – about 10% of the population has a significant hearing loss – and the number is growing. Today’s Baby Boomers have the most active and noisy lifestyle of any previous generation. And hearing loss is occurring at younger and younger ages, partly because of electronic devices that flood our society.

An Important Benefit
Today’s top employers care about the well-being of their employees. Taking care of your hearing is an important but often overlooked habit for good health, and SoundCareSM can help. Practice good hearing health habits, prevent future problems and seek treatment when needed. That’s sound advice for a happy, healthy future.

SoundCareSM Summary


  • Annual Hearing Exam: 100%
  • Hearing Aid: 50%
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance: 100%
  • Deductible: None

Maximum (per benefit period)

  • Annual Hearing Exam Up to $75 Hearing Aids (both ears)
  • Year One Up to $200 
  • Year Two Up to $600
  • Year Three Up to $800

Hearing Aid Maintenance: Up to $40

Ameritas RewardsSM: $100 annually


This above information is a highlight of plan benefits provided by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. as selected by your employer. It is not a certificate of insurance and does not include exclusions and limitations. For exclusions and limitations, or a complete list of covered procedures, contact your benefits administrator.


See the summary dental brochure to review further information.  Other provisions apply.  The plan policy and certificate supersedes any information published on this website.

Update the PCA benefits offered to your staff by completing and submitting a new Insurance Adoption Agreement (IAA). Mark the new form with all products your organization will offer your full-time employees (include all current PCA plans with any new ones).

About Ameritas

Ameritas Group is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was founded over 120 years ago. It specializes in Dental and Vision coverage, and insures nearly eight million members of over 30,000 groups. The company is rated “A (Excellent)” by A.M. Best, a worldwide insurance rating and information agency.

Finding a Provider

To locate a participating dentist, call Ameritas Group at 1-800-659-2223 or visit Group Ameritas.

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