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Board Members

Board of Directors (Standing, left to right): Jim Wert, Ross Walters, Sandy Spitz, Eric Zellner, Ted Dankovich, Lex Williamson, Rock Brockman; (Seated, left to right): John Mardirosian, John Steiner, Jon Medlock, Bruce Jenkins. Not pictured: Nikisha Alcindor, Paul Fullerton, Randy Kirkland, Ken McCarty.

PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc. (RBI) is a Georgia not-for-profit corporation governed by a twelve member Board of Directors.  There are four classes of three directors, which may be teaching or ruling elders (or deacons) as nominated by their presbyteries and elected by the General Assembly.  RBI may also select advisory directors outside of the election process and currently has two.

Other board members (both directors and advisory directors) are listed in this excerpt from our 2016 Annual Report.