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Vision, Mission & Values


That all PCA pastors and their families are well-prepared and cared for in their retirement years.

  • The phrase“All PCA pastors and their families” identifies RBI’s primary charge. However, this does not mean to suggest we exclude service to those who are not teaching elders (such as non-ordained MTW missionaries, church and school employees, agency employees, etc.). Success in our primary focus will bring corresponding success across all participant constituencies. This statement agrees with the longstanding denominational purpose for PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc.
  • “Well-prepared and cared for” captures our desire to see all of our partners provided with sufficient financial, emotional, and spiritual resources for a life of fruitful ministry. To be “well-prepared” means that families should be protected from the potential of financial disaster. To be “cared for” means the ministry of Christ expressed through guidance and counsel is available as needed. Thus, RBI’s responsibilities extend beyond financial services, and include the provision of Ministerial Relief to PCA teaching elders, and their widows.
  • “Retirement” is a destination and a journey. We do not define “retirement” exclusively as the end of ministry. Rather, it entails provision of resources sufficient to care for families over a lifetime, when employment at the church ends. The development of sufficient retirement resources requires a lifetime of preparation and guidance, and the provision of these is central to RBI’s ministry to the church.


To prepare and protect PCA co-laborers in Christ by providing products and guidance in retirement, insurance, relief, and related services. We aim, through trusted relationships with our partners, to enable and encourage them to be more focused on ministry.

  • To “prepare and protect” those we serve vividly describes the outcome of RBI’s work. For instance:
    • Sufficient and consistent savings in a retirement plan prepares our pastors for continued ministry after the check from the church stops coming and protects his widow from a life of poverty should her husband predecease her.
    • Life Insurance protects families from the financial distress of sudden loss.
    • Long Term Disability Insurance protects families from the long-term devastation incurred when one loses the ability to work and earn an income.
    • Ministerial Relief protects pastor’s widows who would otherwise live in extreme poverty.
  • PCA co-laborers in Christ are participants in the various benefit plans offered by RBI, as well as those who are served through Ministerial Relief.
  • RBI provides products and guidance. This requires an all-out effort to make sure that products offered by RBI are exceptional. In addition, we will enhance these product offerings with guidance tailored to the individual. Our heart is to be of maximum help by giving practical and unbiased assistance to those we serve.
  • Our aim is to build trusted relationships with everyone we serve. This implies a high level of competency and personal knowledge of our partners in ministry.  This means we will be prepared for you, we will intently hear your questions and concerns, and will respond with wisdom and compassion.
  • RBI has a unique understanding of pastors’ finances and life situations, and an insider’s grasp of the financial challenges of pastoral ministry. Unlike secular benefit plan vendors, we have true insight and perspective into the needs of our ministry families and can provide creative resolutions to financial challenges. Thus, our partners are able to be more focused on ministry.

Core Values

1. Relational Compassion

  • Highlights the priority of relationships over transactional measures of success.
  • Compassion is meant to capture the love and care we have for individual partners, and our desire to serve them, not merely treat them as customers.

2. Grace Motivation

  • All we do is motivated by our own experience of God’s grace to us.
  • God’s grace is undeserved, unearned, and beyond what we desire or expect. In some small way, our care and service to our partners ought to mimic that kind of grace.
  • We are non-judgmental, patient, forgiving, and long-suffering with people, regardless of their mistakes or even foolishness.

3. Humble Excellence

  • These values are in tension. Excellence alone can lead to arrogance or condescension. Humility alone may be interpreted as a lack of competence or skill.
  • Humble excellence strives for great work accompanied by an attitude that never presumes to know it all, and never fails to enter into the life of another person and heroically serve them, no matter their state or the size of their account.

4. Adaptive Empathy

  • We strive to meet partners where they are and listen intently to their unique situation and circumstances before suggesting any plan or service.
  • We value entering the life and understanding the perspective of other people rather than trying to fit them into a preconceived model or mold.
  • We aim for creative and flexible solutions for all variety of partners, and try to account for the unique lifestyle and financial circumstances of pastors and ministry workers.