2018 Group Insurance Rates and Prices

Recently, PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc. completed an extensive analysis of group insurance product rates and administrative pricing. The purpose of this analysis was to confirm that all group insurance product categories covered administrative costs and that the expense margins of each insurance line provided the required funds to support the product.

After many years of offering group insurance to an increasing number of PCA churches and organizations we became convinced that modest changes standardizing administrative expense allocations were necessary. As a result, for 2018, depending on the products and services involved and in which you are participating, your group insurance rates and prices may increase or decrease. All insurance coverage remains the same for 2018, with no plan provision changes from 2017 to 2018.

For those subscribing to products experiencing rate increases, depending on the level of increase, we understand this may be concerning to you. If group insurance modifications (levels, amounts, number, type, etc.) need to be made to current elections due to price changes, re-selections can be made through the annual enrollment process which is November 1 through December 8 or by contacting our office.

We appreciate your business. As a PCA ministry partner, we seek to provide valued group insurance solutions that meet your needs.

Call our office today with questions you may have about our product updates or how to update the benefits offered to your staff. You may also send your question to us by email to insurance@pcanet.org.

PCA 2018 Group Insurance Rates

2018 to 2017 Comparison of Rates


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