The Board of Directors of PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc. (RBI) has approved PCA Group Insurance rates for our life insurance products for 2017.  The new prices become effective January 1, 2017 and will be reflected on the monthly invoice beginning in January.

Please take a moment to review the 2017 rate changes as well as the terms (ages) that may affect premiums and/or coverage for your employees or staff as of January 1.

Product Rate Changes for 2017:

While we seek to keep our insurance plan rates as low as possible and in many cases are able to subsidize rate increases from prior years, the new prices reflect a 5% increase for Dental and Vision plans, a 6% increase for LTD insurance plan premiums and a 4% increase for Life insurance plan premiums. The increases were required due to claims experience, expense management requirements, RBI administrative costs, and carrier-related increases on dental and LTD.  Please review the enclosed rate sheet for specific product premium changes.

Product Plan Changes for 2017:

Vision: No plan changes. The plan continues to be offered through Ameritas using the EyeMed network.

Dental: No plan changes to the Basic or Enhanced plans. The Voluntary plan was modified to require a $10 co-pay for Type I Visits and 80% co-insurance for Type II visits (as compared with no co-pay and 80-90-100 co-insurance previously).  Ameritas continues as our carrier.

Life: No plan changes.  MetLife continues as carrier.

LTD: No plan changes.  Unum continues as carrier.

Remember to update our office regularly with salary modifications as they do impact Life product eligibility and LTD insurance rates.  We have an updated Group Compensation form available from the Resources on our website which may be used for submitting these salary changes to the RBI office.

See Insurance Plans for more information.

PCA 2017 Group Insurace Rate Sheet

Call our office today with questions you may have about our product updates or how to update the benefits offered to your staff. You may also send your question to us by email to